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massage is one of the oldest and most commonly used healing art forms.

our expeienced therapists combine careful training with the innate ability to locate areas of tension,stress and strain in order to work wonders.

Swedish massage
45 min                                          $85
60 min                                         $125
90 min                                         $175
120 min                                       $250

Indulgence begins with a most unique experience, the Swedish massage leaves the body with a centered feeling of peace and revitalization. Long gentle flowing strokes ease body and mind making this traditional massage perfect for those seeking relaxation. A treatment fit for royalty.


Hot stone massage
90 min                                        $200 
120 min                                      $265     
This unique massage combines Swedish techniques with the use of hot oiled basalt stones. The body is gently massaged with oiled stones allowing the heat to penetrate deep within the muscles for a therapeutic effect and deep relaxation. Each therapist incorporates their individual massage to apply oil and warm stones to the body. They are used as extended tools of the therapists hands. The ultimate experience for complete balance and relaxation.

Deep tissue massage

60 min                                                   $135

90 min                                                   $195

Mother-to-be Massage                      60 min                                                                                           $145
90 min                                                                                           $195
Wonderful for expectant mothers. Lie on your side while a specially trained therapist relaxes and soothes without compromising the comfort of the mother or baby. Not recommended in the first trimester.

Not available at this time

Four Handed Massage

Two therapists and four hands working in harmony together. Enjoy pure pleasure and a deeper level of relaxation while receiving this treatment fit for royalty. Perfect for the spa-goer that loves to be pampered! 

 55 Min                                                          $155
 80 Min                                                          $200
110 Min                                                         $255

Body wraps

Wrapsody wraps  

30 min                                           $65

includes dry brush





Indian style Head Massage
45 min                                           $85
Releases the stress and tension that has accumulated in the tissues,muscles and joints of the head,face,neck and shoulders.

30 min                                           $75
The body is interconnected through many pathways. This ancient Chinese practice triggers precise pressure points to eliminate toxins and stimulate the body's circulation.

Reiki      add on to any massage                                                        $25
Rei which means "Gods wisdom or the higher power" and Ki which  is"life force energy". Reiki is actually "Spiritually guided life force energy".



Indian head massage, Reflexology and Reiki is unfortunately not available at the moment.

Foot & leg massage

15 min                                         $35
Hand & arm massage

15 min                                         $35
Senior massage    

45 min                                         $55

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